Precision Cutting Services

What Is Precision Manufacturing?

Precision manufacturing is a subtractive manufacturing method that produces highly complex, versatile parts that fall within strict tolerances. Excess raw material is precisely removed to create finished products. Apart from extreme accuracy, there are many other benefits that come with precision manufacturing, including faster turnaround times, reduced costs, enhanced consistency, and improved reliability. Precision cutting services are necessary whenever manufacturers need to produce highly repeatable results with exact tolerances.
With Nifty Bar’s cutting-edge technologies and expert team, we are able to provide finished, large-plate components to the exact specifications of our customers in the automotive, medical, aircraft, and architectural industries.


Flame cutting Flame Cutting
Saw cutting Saw Cutting
Waterjet cutting Waterjet Cutting

Nifty Bar Cutting Services

At Nifty Bar, we specialize in precision manufacturing to create high-quality goods and components for our clients. We employ cutting-edge techniques with state-of-the-art cutting and machining tools to form each product to its exact specifications. Our three core cutting services include:

Flame Cutting

Flame cutting, or torch cutting, is a precise cutting process that uses heat instead of mechanical pressure or sharp edges. A heating tool and a source of at least 99.5% pure oxygen are used to cut through a workpiece or material cleanly. Flame cutting can cut material up to 100 inches thick. For thinner more delicate materials, lasers or plasma are used as heat sources.

Saw Cutting

Saw cutting is a precise, high-quality mechanical cutting process that creates straight lines and square edges without generating heat-affected zones. Saw-cut components can save time during setup in future operations.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting tools issue high-speed jets of extremely pressurized water which move with enough force to cut through materials. Waterjet streams are comprised of both high-pressure water and abrasive materials to cut through tough or hard materials safely and accurately with no need to perform touchups following completion. Water used in the cutting process is easy to recycle and is safer for the operator because it doesn’t produce dust or debris.

The Precision Decision at Nifty Bar

Nifty Bar Grinding and Cutting Solutions provides comprehensive material cutting capabilities through CNC controlled flame, abrasive waterjet cutting equipment or through manual or semi-automatic saws. For CNC applications, part programs can be created from original drawings or directly from customer-supplied DWG or DXF files.
Contact our team today to learn more about our precision cutting and manufacturing capabilities, or request a quote to start your order.