The Importance of Precision Manufacturing

While precision manufactruing focuses on the design of small and large components/plates, precision manufacturing is dedicated to the creation of these components. Precision plates must have exact tolerances, as even the most minuscule error can cause significant problems. Therefore, manufacturing techniques must utilize the most advanced technology and specialized expertise to meet these demands.

Nifty Bar specializes in precision flat grinding, a type of grinding that emphasizes accuracy. This process comprises several different techniques, but generally it uses rotating wheel segments containing abrasive materials that help grind down a workpiece. The precision parts created are necessary for a vast range of industries, such as aerospace and medical. Learn more about the benefits of precision manufacturing, including our grinding and cutting services.

Nifty Bar Precision Grinding and Cutting Solutions

At Nifty Bar, our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality precision grinding and cutting solutions. We work with a variety of substrates, so we can create dies, molds, component parts, tooling, signage, fixtures, and more. We specialize in large plate cutting and grinding, and we work with our partners to produce small CNC machined plates for our clients. In every project, our attention to detail and commitment to customer service ensure that we produce top-tier results at rapid speeds.

Nifty Bar Grinding Services

We offer the following precision grinding services.

Blanchard Grinding

In Blanchard grinding, the part is mounted to a rotating chuck, where counter-rotating grinding wheels process it into a distinctive spiral surface finish. This process removes material from one side of the component at a time, offering considerable control over the size of the part. Blanchard grinding provides high levels of dimensional control, making it an ideal option for machine bases and table tops.

At Nifty Bar, we can process materials up to 110 inches diagonally, with heights up to 34 inches. Our equipment machines a wide array of magnetic and non-magnetic substrates, including cast iron, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Double-Disc Grinding

When components require high levels of thickness control and a high-quality surface finish, Double-Disc grinding is an optimal choice. With this method, the part is fed between two counter-rotating wheels that remove material from both sides at the same time. This results in consistently parallel surfaces without the need for multiple operations.

This unique grinding process is also ideal for components that have thin cross-sections, significantly reducing part stress during production. Double-Disc grinding can assist in many applications, such as laminations, dental plates, and connecting rods.

Surface Grinding

While Blanchard grinding offers significant dimensional control, surface grinding provides a superior finish as well as tighter tolerances. The two services can be combined for both precise material removal and high quality finish. We can assist you in surface grinding materials up to 30 inches by 120 inches, with a height up to 36 inches.

Nifty Bar Cutting Services

In addition to our grinding solutions, we offer the following precision cutting services.

Flame Cutting

Also known as torch cutting, flame cutting is one of the most cost-effective and rapid cutting methods available. This process combines pure oxygen and intense heat to cut through the substrate with minimal tapering. Our equipment is compatible with low carbon steel materials, with thicknesses up to 4.25 inches.

Saw Cutting

This cutting method utilizes precision plate saws to produce exceptional straightness and squareness. Saw cutting does not utilize heat, so it can produce parts that do not have work-hardened edges. This is a versatile cutting method that can often speed up the processing time of subsequent operations during the production of a part.

Waterjet Cutting

In waterjet cutting, a highly pressurized stream of water—mixed with an abrasive material—cuts through almost any substrate. These jets of water can move faster than the speed of sound. Waterjet cutting creates smooth edges, meaning touch-ups are not required. There is minimal part stress with no thermal distortion, discoloration, or hardening. This cutting method is also environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective.

The Precision Decision at Nifty Bar

At Nifty Bar, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest caliber precision cutting and grinding solutions. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our commitment to quality. We strive to provide competitive costs, excellent communication, and rapid turnaround times. To learn more about working with us on your next precision project, contact us today.